Sometimes we do stuff, but not always.


     While this line does not necessarily sum up our entire company, I asked a simple question to the group of people around me, quietly working at sketch books and computers on various game design related tasks. I asked what it was that we aimed to do, and this simple, non-committal line was what I immediately received back. I wrote it down jokingly, but in a way it does sum up Gnomespray Games surprisingly well. Obviously as a group we design games, and our ambitions constantly drive us to bigger and better projects. At our core we are a group of people who love video games.


     In 2010 a few classmates at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs decided to go beyond the classroom and play their hands at going into business for themselves. Several years later, Gnomespray Games has grown and is capable of taking on much larger tasks than it once was.


     Right now Gnomespray Games is a passion project that we hope will one day grow and allow all of us to make our passions into our careers.